Friday, 27 September 2013

New York Subway & Bus maps Android apk


Subway and bus map of New York City (NYC) with bus, railroad and ferry connections. Now it features the late night subway map.

Official maps from the MTA, updated and movable to the SD card. The app downloads each bus map the first time you open it. Each bus map weights around 2 MB, so I recommend downloading it through Wifi and waiting a couple of minutes.
If a map doesn't download after giving some time, try performing an "empty cache" through the applications menu in your operating system settings.

Users with Android versions prior to 2.1 might experience errors.

Popup ads were removed long ago, as a response to feedback. Double banners are a bug, please let me know if it persists after update. Send me your suggestions and I'll try to add/fix them.

Recent changes:

Version 6.1.5:
-Solved pinch-to-zoom bug

Version 6.1.4:
-Added support for Nexus devices (though I think it's an error to stop using the menu button)
-Added night map through google drive, needs active connection to work

Version 6.1.2:
-Double banners bug is theoretically solved. Please, let me know if it persists after update. 

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