Wednesday, 15 January 2014

6th Sense (Alarm Clock) FULL v1.3.1 Apk

6th Sense (Alarm Clock) FULL v1.3.1
Requirements: Android v4.0.3+
Overview: 6th Sense is a revolutionary, smart alarm clock!
6th Sense (Alarm Clock) - screenshot
6th Sense is a revolutionary, smart alarm clock!
Thanks to the use of the sensors of light, sound and movement, it is able to automatically detect our actual awakening.
Without the need for annoying math tests to be solved when you just wake up, after a certain period of time, the application can understand if the user is still asleep or not.
If you are still sleeping after the timeout, 6th Sense wakes you up ringing again.
Use 6th Sense to avoid the risk of falling asleep after turning off the alarm!
* Highly customisable *
The usage of the sensors has a trial version of 14 days.
- Supported sensors: Light, Sound, Motion
- Action to take if you do not wake up: Ring again or Call another phone number
- Detailed tutorials f000h
- Multiple alarms
- Swipe to delete the alarm
- Daily repeats
- Vibration
- Personalized ringtones
- Alarm volume
- Incremental ringtone
- Function “Snooze”
- Turn off the alarm using extra buttons
- Maximum number of snoozed alarms
- Automatic shut-off after timeout
- Long click for shutting off ringtone
- Support 12h/24h formats
- Support different date formats
- Ability to disable notification icon
- Big detailed widget
- Small minimal Widgets
The application is also available for devices that do not have some of the sensors or tablet without the possibility to make a call.
Permissions (no personal data are saved, kept or sent):
VIBRATE – Used for alarm vibration
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – To set the alarms when the phone is booted
WAKE_LOCK – To light on the screen when ringing
RECORD_AUDIO – To get microphone input (nothing is registered)
BILLING – To use Google billing in-app service
GET_ACCOUNTS – To distinguish users with unlocked version from the others (no personal data are kept)
INTERNET – To check for unlocked version and analytics
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – To check if the network is available
CALL_PHONE – Deprecated. Will be removed in the next update
READ_CONTACTS – Deprecated. Will be removed in the next update
WRITE_SETTINGS – Deprecated. Will be removed in the next update
Recent changes:
Changelog version 1.3.1



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